No Entryway in Your Apartment? Here’s How to “Make” One…

An entryway is the first and last place you see when stepping into and out of your home. It is the window into your home’s soul, so it should set the vibe for the rest of your home while also serving as a functional landing space.

How do you feel when you walk into your home? What vibe do you want to create for your entryway? For my entryway, I went with a very simple modern design that is functional and sleek.

My essential entryway items consist of a mirror, a bench with storage, accent lighting, and of course (yeah, you guessed it) plant babies…

I just love how open and airy the huge round mirror makes my studio feel. It bounces light around beautifully and reflects my plants so I feel like I’m in an enchanted forest. The natural element of the mid-century wooden bench complements the other simplistic decor pieces such as the woven storage basket, the accent pillow, and the beautiful greenery below and above the mirror. And of course, we can’t forget about the industrial hanging Edison bulb- I definitely had to incorporate that into the mix! It’s just the perfect contemporary accent piece to make the space feel more modern.

Also, though not pictured, the last essential item of any entryway is an entry table for keys, etc. I was just super happy with the way this part of the entryway turned out, so I thought I should share it with you guys (I’m kind of obsessed with entryways)! 💗🏡 <—— follow me on Instagram!

DIY Mid Century Modern Style Nightstand

Just as I had given up on finding an affordable set of Mid Century style nightstands for my Scandinavian style bedroom (one nightstand alone can range anywhere from $80-$400!), I stumbled upon Jamie’s Home Blog. She is a DIY a·fi·ci·o·na·do and wrote a very easy to follow guide on how to make your own nightstands for a fraction of the price. She designed a wood nightstand with tapered legs and an open shelf.

beforeafterThis was just the look I was going for–the one on the right! She also included a rough draft of her measurements, pricing, and before and after photos that she took.


Go ahead and check out all of the details Jamie includes in her blog at DIY Mid Century Style Nightstand! I’ll definitely be attempting this DIY and sharing the results with you soon. Make sure to stay posted for that and follow my blog if you haven’t already for more interior design and DIY Inspo! ❤



How to Create a DIY Privacy Screen for Your Patio


I love being outdoors, surrounded by nature. Being outdoors is restorative to my soul because it keeps me in touch with all of the natural colors, elements, and beauty this world has to offer. It is a source of inspiration for my interior and exterior projects. When I’m out in my patio, it’s either because I’m doing some serious meditating/napping or some serious gardening. It’s my me time.


The problem with my patio in particular was the height of the fence. It only went up to 4 feet–hardly any coverage at all. Before creating my “fortress”, mine and my boyfriend’s bikes were stolen right from our patio. The stealing wasn’t cool, but I have to say, it was probably our fault for not being more proactive. I was not about to let another theft happen again, so I started to render some ideas for privacy screens.

Besides the stealing that went on, random solicitors and a few of my more chatty neighbors “encouraged” me to start constructing SOMETHING, ANYTHING. For the most part, I have pretty cool neighbors who understand when I’m in my zone. We’ll exchange a friendly greeting, but then quickly move on. Then there are those other people who think my “me time” in the patio is social hour. Unfortunately, some people just don’t pick up on what I’m putting down, and that’s okay, but like, I needed more privacy, stat!


It has been so much more enjoyable to experience my time outdoors now that I have installed privacy screens around the perimeter of my patio. Now when I’m chilling outside in my newly designed space, the vibe I am putting out is something like, “Hello, this is a blissful place for me to relax in and to enjoy my plants. Hope you’re having an awesome day, but I’m doing me right now. Take care now. Bye bye then.”

For whatever reason it is you may be in need of a little more privacy outdoors, I have come up with some simple DIY privacy screen ideas that you can do.


Plant vining flowers into containers with trellises on each side of your patio, deck, or balcony. (Pink bower vines are a great choice as they flower in the spring and summer months and stay green all year long.) To ensure the trellises stay in place, you can screw the trellis into the supporting fence with wood to wood screws.


Add a shelving unit along the front facing side of your patio. If your fence is very short, try to choose a shelf that is around the same height. Next, choose plants and flowers that will grow to be 3-5 feet in height so you eventually end up with another privacy screen of plants that will be about 6 to 8 feet tall. I chose a variety of plants for this part of my garden to test out what grows best here, but you can choose all of the same plant for uniformity. (Tip: Roses are a great option as they grow tall and will give your living space a lovely scent and serve as a prickly deterrent for outsiders who may want to reach into your patio!)


Arrange your furniture facing inward not outward to create a more intimate conversation area and a more closed off vibe to outsiders.


Don’t be afraid to try different plants/furniture out and mix it up! Part of having an outdoor living space is about having an extra outlet to channel your creativity!

With these simple steps, you’ll find yourself feeling more at ease out in your patio doing whatever it is you like to do out there. For me, that’s enjoying my garden in all of its colorful glory. I would love to see how you incorporate these ideas into your own outdoor living space. Let me know in the comments below what you have done to “privatize” your outdoor living areas. I’m always curious to see what others have come up with. Happy decorating! 🙂