No Entryway in Your Apartment? Here’s How to “Make” One…

An entryway is the first and last place you see when stepping into and out of your home. It is the window into your home’s soul, so it should set the vibe for the rest of your home while also serving as a functional landing space.

How do you feel when you walk into your home? What vibe do you want to create for your entryway? For my entryway, I went with a very simple modern design that is functional and sleek.

My essential entryway items consist of a mirror, a bench with storage, accent lighting, and of course (yeah, you guessed it) plant babies…

I just love how open and airy the huge round mirror makes my studio feel. It bounces light around beautifully and reflects my plants so I feel like I’m in an enchanted forest. The natural element of the mid-century wooden bench complements the other simplistic decor pieces such as the woven storage basket, the accent pillow, and the beautiful greenery below and above the mirror. And of course, we can’t forget about the industrial hanging Edison bulb- I definitely had to incorporate that into the mix! It’s just the perfect contemporary accent piece to make the space feel more modern.

Also, though not pictured, the last essential item of any entryway is an entry table for keys, etc. I was just super happy with the way this part of the entryway turned out, so I thought I should share it with you guys (I’m kind of obsessed with entryways)! 💗🏡 <—— follow me on Instagram!

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